Drinking water is polluted in almost all countries of the world due to the contamination of the water cycle. Contamination of food, hands, cutlery and clothes is almost guaranteed when home sewerage is left unattended.

Every year millions of farmers around the world make considerable investments in preventive measures to protect the health and life of their animals. Measures may be:

  • Fence aimed at stopping access of wild and other animals / to prevent diseases and infections /
  • Controlled access with filters entrance for employees, visitors and vehicles
  • Cleaning and disinfection programs
    • Health monitoring
    • Vaccinations
    • Prophylactic treatment with medication
    • Treatment if necessary
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Every disease reduces the company’s profit, and unfortunately there are diseases that can lead to failure of the farm or the necessity to kill the animals in it. The use of antibiotics is ubiquitous. Worldwide, antibiotics are also used for prevention and treatment.

In addition, with the new directives which come into force in year 2020 and which ban the use of antibiotic in prophylaxis by veterinarians, the protection of the health status of the farm becomes an even more complex task.

Despite the above measures, there is always a wide open door for diseases to your farm

  •   That is your water source!

 The fact that the water comes from your driller, a wellspring, a river, a draw well or a lake does not mean that the water has not moved for hundreds, even thousands of kilometers. And while moving, the chance of being infected with viruses, parasites and pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms is 100%.

With 100% of the water sources, no one can tell what the water has gone through until it reaches the rack of your animals.

And very often, even permanent monitoring on the farm of water from the source, there is no guarantee for its purity. Usually, monitoring is for heavy metals only, but even for pathogens, there are no filters to ensure that pathogens are being disposed of.