Despite the growing trends for bio-farming and bio-products, a huge percentage of the food and beverages that we consume are industrially produced. Structured water will certainly make your finished products more delicious because it has six times higher solvent properties than other kinds of water. This gives the food even more bright and palatable taste.

As we install the ADVA BP mechanism at the entrance point, we guarantee the bio protection of the water!

  • You safe considerable costs by scrapped products due to spoilage from the development of bacteria in food
  • Your customers obtain serious prevention and bio-protection by consuming your food!
  • Besides bioprotection you obtain structured water as well

Our product can be useful with regards to both incoming and outgoing waste water. With the installation of an ADVA BP mechanism on the outlet of your waste water we guarantee the organic protection of the nature!

ADVA BP’s complete solutions are applicable in the:

  • Dairy industry
    • Meat processing industry
    • Slaughterhouses, Poultry slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses
    • Bread production
    • Confectionery production
    • Manufacture of ice cream and frozen cakes
    • Production of industrial ice
    • Production of semi-finished products
    • Canning industry
    • Breweries
    • Manufacturers of soft drinks
    • Bottled water producers
    • Restaurants and fast food restaurants
    • Other facilities